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Insurance for Transported Vehicles

Before we dispatch your vehicle to the carrier that is chosen for transportation, we verify the carrier’s insurance to make sure that your vehicle is fully insured during transport.

Having a copy of the certificate of insurance (COI) can provide added peace of mind during the transportation of your vehicle. If you would like a copy of the COI, simply let us know when making your reservation, and we will be more than happy to email it to you.

Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to feel confident and informed throughout the entire transport process.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

We pick up and deliver to any location. No trailer access? We have solutions for that.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Full Coverage

Your vehicle is fully covered by the most comprehensive insurance, providing you with peace of mind.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Nationwide Coverage

We’ll pick up from and deliver to any residential or commercial address in the country.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Multi-Channel Support

Text 805-883-6287 Email hello@cartransporters.com Call 800-247-0250 with any inquiries regarding booking or tracking.

Door-to-Door Shipping

No upfront payment required

Payment is due upon confirmation of your booking and scheduling for pickup.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Consistent Communication

Transparent multi-channel communications keep you informed about your shipment's status and expected arrival.

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