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Frequently asked questions

Inoperable vehicles can be shipped if they have a key, can roll, brake, and steer. In these situations, there will be an additional fee, typically ranging between $200 and $400, depending on the vehicle and specific circumstances such as access issues.

Yes, you can include personal items in the car. You can pack up to 120 pounds of personal items into the trunk of your car at no additional charge.

However, please note that insurance coverage does not extend to personal items; it only covers the car itself.

Anything over 120 pounds may incur additional charges. Send us a photo of your vehicle interior before your shipping date, and we will give you an exact price for any additional items.

See additional fees and photos of personal items in the vehicle

Yes, your vehicle is insured during transport by the carrier’s insurance. We also verify the insurance coverage before pickup.

We always want to do what works best for you and have different solutions for different situations, but the general answer is:

Delivery times can vary, and we always provide an estimate of the maximum duration. Additionally, we confirm whether the vehicle can be delivered as soon as possible or only after a specific day or time, to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

For example, cross-country transport may take up to 10 days, but it typically ranges between 6 and 8 days. Occasionally, delivery may occur in just 3-4 days, although arrivals within 4 days or less are uncommon and not to be expected.

For shorter transports, such as from NY to FL, delivery may take up to 4 days, but it often arrives within 2 or 3 days.

Whether you’re transporting a vehicle that is unmodified or one that has been modified, you may be charged extra depending on the modifications and specifics.

We will agree on the earliest date and the latest date by which the vehicle must be picked up. You can expect this to happen and plan your travel and other arrangements accordingly.

Remove loose items from your vehicle, including any valuables. Don’t forget to also remove personal items like your wallet and phone, and avoid leaving the title in the car. Ideally, the gas tank should be about a quarter full. Additionally, provide the carrier with a set of keys and any necessary instructions for safely operating your vehicle.

It is best to plan at least a week ahead of your desired shipping date. Keep in mind that shipping may take longer to coordinate if the vehicle is going to or from a remote area.

We can usually guarantee the pickup date. In the rare event that something beyond our control occurs, we will always find a solution and work around your schedule, ensuring you never miss your flight or any other important event. Rest assured, we have backup plans/solutions in place.